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Summer Sessions

Currently Listening to: Miss Molly – Winter Song

Just a little update on what’s been going on musically with me. Aside from the typical summer gig explosion for all the bands I’m playing in, I’ve got a couple of pretty cool recording sessions coming up.

First, I’m going to be doing some work with my good buddy Nathan Foli on the newest Miss Molly album. Coming up on Friday the 13th (I know… creepy, right?), I’ll be heading to Sonic Lounge Studios in Grove City to lay down some percussion overdubs, and also do a live track with them, which I’m very excited about. If you’re not hip to this band, you should definitely check them out online, and at a live show. They’re a great bunch of musicians. Hopefully, I’ll have some pics and/or video of the session soon.

Later on this summer, in early August, I’ll be gearing up for a full album project with the amazingly talented Kevin Dean. I’ll be working with the great people out at the Earthwork Recording Studio, including my very good friend Tom Atha (who’s great guitar playing and song crafting can be heard in the audio samples of my site). Jason Monro (bass) of Sharp Circle will be joining me on this project as we concentrate our efforts to bring Kevin’s soulful, heartfelt songs to life. This album (tentatively entitled “Long Live the Ashes”) has been in pre-production for over a year, and is sure to be worth the wait. I’m thrilled to get to be a part of it. More on this as it gets closer.

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