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The last few days, I’ve been working on gathering what I think I might need for the upcoming Kevin Dean sessions. After an inspiring pre-production session last week, I’ve been brain-storming different drum sounds and textures for his album.

After gathering different drum heads, various sticks, a vintage 15” mahogany snare, and a new 24” kick, I think I’m pretty much set to overtake the Earthwork live room. I’m also brushing up on my SPD-S and loop programming skills, though I’m thinking most of what I’ll be doing is going to have a more natural/organic vibe. I think the album’s going to have a highly eclectic sonic palette, though, so I’m pretty much ready to go wherever I need to.

To be honest, I’m just thrilled to have the chance to work with some of my best friends (Tom Atha, Jason Monro, and, of course, Kevin) who just happen to be incredible artists as well. I guess that’s probably why I’m typing this right now. I know that no one’s really interested in what type of gear I’m taking into the studio… I just had to have an excuse to blurt out that I’m excited about this session. Probably more than I’ve been about any that I’ve done to date. I’m telling anyone who reads this… “Long Live the Ashes” is going to be a great album.

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