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Long Live the Ashes Studio Blog – Day 3

Currently Listening to: My drum tracks being edited

After sleeping in a little longer than anticipated, we all headed down to the studio to get the morning started with some editing. While Dave (2nd engineer) began working on my tracks, I took the opportunity to clean up the train wreck I’d left in the live room after changing out snare drums and cymbals all night last night. After organizing things, it was time for a coffee run and then back into the control room to listen to the edits.

This afternoon, we all received club names to be used for the remainder of the session. I was named “Tugbote.” In fact, I believe that everyone else chose their own names, but since I was not present at name choosing time, mine was decided for me.

I made a ridiculous amount of rotini for everyone in the apartment while “Mad Dog” (Dave) worked on the tracks I cut last night. Editing ran over, time-wise, which left us farther behind than we had anticipated, so the rest of the work the had to be done for the afternoon had to be pushed back on the schedule. On the upside, the time took editing actually allowed me some time to help capture more video and write quite a bit more about what’s going on here.

Starting at around 4pm, we finally got back to tracking, starting with “The Jason the Marauder” (Jason) on bass guitar for “Hourglass,” “Silhouette,” and “Lost You Before.” After knocking those out in one fell swoop, we moved onto scratching and tracking drums on the tentatively named “Bruce 2” and “Eighteen.”

These songs were a little more aggressive (drumming-wise) than the previously tracked songs, so I had to spend some time finding the right sounds. Soon enough, though, we were off to a good start, and we were able to put together some really solid, supportive drum parts for these tunes.

After tracking and editing these last two songs, we went on to work on the last song of the night, which was “Siren.” This one took a bit more care in crafting, as it could have gone a few different ways. We spent the rest of the night hashing through it and then tracking drums for it. Having settled on a more relaxed feel, we had to get a few different drum tones, but then it was smooth sailing.

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