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Long Live the Ashes Studio Blog – Day 4

Just to give everyone an idea of the atmosphere of the live room (aka: my lair for the week), I thought I’d include the picture above. For those of you who aren’t familiar with recording, here are a couple of interesting tidbits to consider:

  1. Atmosphere is important. Whether it’s in physical, mental, or emotional sense… being in the right state of being when tracking is essential if you’re going to convey the right feeling in a song. A simple way to get laid back for a mellow song is to avoid glaring lights shining down on you… hence the use of the lamps and the cool red globe thing. Not pictured is a red neon sign that says “Love” in script, which was located directly in front of me.
  2. Time warp. Being immersed in the writing/recording process in the studio, one easily loses track of time. Adding to the complication is the fact that the live room and control room (where we spent the majority of our time) have no outside walls, so we’re completely dependent on artificial light. Basically, that means we don’t see the sun, so we’re not thinking about it being early or late. It’s just time to concentrate on the task at hand. That being the case… keeping track of what happened when becomes very difficult after a few days in this sort of setting.

So, keeping those things in mind. I hardly remember anything that happened yesterday. Looking back on yesterday’s entry is about the extent of what I can recall, and that’s it.

This morning started again with a trip to the local coffee roaster’s, where I opted to pick up a pound of their Highlander Grog grounds, to share with everyone in the studio. I honestly wasn’t too crazy about how it tasted, but it made the lounge smell AWESOME.

Moving on, the rest of the day went very well and we were able to get through all of the songs we had planned. One of the songs we worked on was titled “Midnight.” This song is unique of those that will appear on the album, in that Tom Atha actually wrote this song while he and I played together in the band American Cherry, a few years ago. That being the case, there was definitely some familiarity, which was good, but it also presented the problem of trying to take a fresh look at it, and attempt to direct the song more to Kevin’s style, rather than American Cherry’s. After a little bit of tweeking to the feel and form, I think we something really special with it, and I’m thrilled with how the drum tracks came out.

The rest of the evening consisted of more drum edits then bass tracking. We then tackled the first of the mellowest songs on the album, “Into the Wild.” This one was complex enough to spend a long time attempting to hash out what exactly was going to happen, and after much deliberation, we were able to come to a consensus and made the first effort at the drum tracks. The actual drumset parts were quite limited, and eventually, I’ll be returning to overdub a lot of the percussion that will fill the space. That being said, I think what we settled on for the drumset part was really appropriate and conveyed a great feeling for the song.

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