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Emma Peterson Single

After a long wait, the first mix of Emma Peterson’s first single is up on Here’s a sample of what this supremely talented young lady is capable of.


New Single from Megan Francis

As promised, I finished the first sample track from the recent recordings I’ve been working on. Click here to hear the first taste of Megan Francis, and see what I was raving about in my last news entry.

Studio News

I’ve recently been doing a lot of studio work at the Earthwork Recording Studio, in conjunction with Breaking Band. In the last month, I’ve been privileged to work with several very talented solo artists.  Some of the sessions have been part of album projects, some have been singles, and some have been singles leading to the production of a full length album project. As progress continues with these projects, I’ll be updating the site with more news on each one.

To begin with, though, I wanted to announce that I’ll be working with Tom Atha and Jason Monro to produce two very talented young ladies’ albums. Megan Francis and Emma Peterson. Megan’s album is slated to be released in spring of ’09. Emma’s release date is still tba.

Tom, Jason, and I recently worked through singles with these amazing ladies, and it was a pleasure to say the least. We’re all super excited about collaborating with these artists on their albums, and I’m confident that when you hear their voices, you’ll feel the same way.

On top of that, I also had the chance to work with top ranked Breaking Band artist Nathan Hiltner on his upcoming album, entitled “Anyplace or Anything.” Look for his album to be released in early ’09, as well.

Finally, I had the chance to work with my good friend Tom Atha, himself, on one of his own songs, for a change. Listen for his new single “Made for You,”on Breaking Band.

Lots of exciting things on the horizon! As samples become available, I’ll try to get as many up as I can. Keep checking in!