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University of Akron

Our tour started off with a lot of rain. Heading up to the University of Akron from Columbus, we made pretty good time through the gloom. After a little bit of confusion once we actually arrived on site, we eventually stumbled upon our contacts, Ashley and Melanie, outside the venue. They were awesome hosts, and helped make our first stop a totally stress-free endeavour.

The show was actually in the Starbucks in the student union, and the tech guys had set up a nice stage, sound, and lighting rig for the evening’s event. Apparently, the event was hosted by the Resident Hall Program Board (RHPB), and is something they do every Tuesday, to give students an opportunity to get a break from their studies to relax. I thought that was a great idea.

The show came off without a hitch, and shortly there after, we were headed off to our hotel for the night….. which happened to be the Quaker Station hotel… which happened to be the site of where Quaker Oats used to be produced and then sent off for distribution by train! It was a seriously surreal experience, staying in a room that was literally built inside of an old grain silo! Definitely unique!

Inside our room, we were greeted with  hand written notes and gift bags that included a bunch of snack food and a couple of RHPB shirts, a lanyard, and even a sweet UofA mug! Overall, our hosts were incredibly accommodating, and I’d have to say they set the bar pretty high for the rest of the tour! We’ll see what tomorrow brings, at Marywood University in Scranton, PA.

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