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Marywood University

Today was the longest distance we would have to drive on the tour, with the exception of the drive back. Luckily we had much better weather than the previous day’s. The five and a half hour drive on I-80 was largely uneventful, and we arrived at Marywood University with plenty of time to spare. Once again, the students who organized the show were unbelievably hospitable. Lauren, Megan and Kelly on the Student Activities Committee went out of their way to get us anything we needed, and really worked hard to get as many people in attendance as possible.

After setting up, we realized we were in need of an additional mic clip, so Jared and I set out to find the local music store, Galluci’s Music. Finding it wasn’t so much of a challenge, despite it’s downtown location… it was returning to Marywood that was a challenge for us. Following Jared’s iPhone served difficult, as it kept triangulating our position incorrectly (he has the 1st gen iPhone), so the 10 minute drive turned into an hour long drive. Diving aimlessly around Scranton was not something that I anticipate making my “best of” list for this tour.

Finally arriving back after our little misadventure, everything was good to go at Marywood. The venue was a lounge in the student union, which was a very intimate setting, and worked really well for our duo configuration of acoustic guitar and cajon. The students in attendance were all attentive and enthusiastic about the show.  Having that sort of audience is always a real treat, and we certainly appreciated them.

Tomorrow we have just have a quick trip to Drew University in Madison, NJ. Looking forward to the short trip and maybe a little more time to actually check out the area.

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