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Drew University

After a relatively short trip to Madison, NJ, we had some time to kill before getting ready for the gig at Drew University. After making contact with the our contacts, Morgan and Kelli, we were able to check out the town a little bit.

I was pleasantly surprised by the ambience of the town and how clean and quaint it was. The weather was perfect; sunny and around 65 degrees, and walking around the streets outside of campus was really refreshing after having spent the first couple of days driving so much. Spending some time outside really made me feel recharged.

The venue for the night was a lounge area located in the University Center, called “The Space.” With graffiti-style wall murals (like the one pictured above) surrounding us, it was a very cool place for an acoustic show. We had a great turn out, and everyone in attendance was very gracious and vocal in their appreciation of our performance.

After the show was over, we stopped over to the Pub which was also located in the UC, and we got to hang out with our hosts for  a bit. We shared funny stories which mostly centered around children’s television programs (though I can’t remember why, now), ranging from Reading Rainbow to the Banana Splits. Then we headed to our super nice hotel that was devoid of any complimentary amenities. Our shower did have, however, not one, but TWO shower heads, so I suppose that counts for something… Although, given the option, I would have opted for free wifi in lieu of the twin shower heads. Incidentally, it also had a pod shaped toilet that I was convinced could launch me to Mars, if I could find the correct hidden button.

Tomorrow will include a quick trip to Easton, PA for a show at Lafayette College. Stay tuned.

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