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At Lafayette College, they know how to make nachos. At the Gilbert Cafe on campus, they make their nacho plates so big that they actually put them in a pizza box (as seen above)… and we’re not talking a tiny 10” box. This was a full 16” pizza box, like the ones that large pizzas come in. I was thoroughly impressed. Two orders of these rockin’ nachos were provided for attendees at our concert tonight, and they didn’t go to waste.

Our performance at the Gilbert Cafe was largely similar to the last couple of shows in terms of environment and attendance. We did have a bit of a struggle with the house sound system, though, unfortunately. There was some sort of problem in the house setup, as we tested every component that we could on our end. And while it was nice to know that all of our gear was in working order, it still made for a bit of a frustrating moment when we had to  finish the show sans amplification. But, the crowd was cooperative and graciously scooted up close to us so we could still entertain them acoustically.

Thanks a bunch to Lauren and Sandra from the Lafayette Activities Forum for hosting us, and bringing such a great crowd in for us. We really appreciated it!

Tomorrow we’ll head up to SUNY New Paltz (about 80 miles north of NYC) for another show. Looking forward to it.

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