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Kelly Campbell EP Release


Check out this very cool record by a young female artist named Kelly Campbell. I had the pleasure of getting to play drums on this EP a while back, and am just now getting to enjoy the finished product. It always blows me away to hear a record at it’s inception, and then hear how it progresses from there on out. In this case, over a year ago, I tracked to scratch guitar and vocal tracks and a click track, and really had very little idea of what it would end up like… next time I heard these tunes was just a few hours ago, with all the other instruments and backup vocals tracked, completely mixed, and mastered. That’s a pretty serious transformation. I hope you dig it. Check it out here:

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CD101 Andymanathon

Just finished up playing with The Wet Darlings at the 2009 CD101 Andymanathon. It’s a fund-raiser for underprivileged children that DJ Andyman puts on every year. He stays on the air for 48 hours straight and asks for pledges and donations whilst taking song requests, auctioning off items, and also featuring local bands performing live on the air in the CD101 Big Room. We were honored when Andyman called us and asked us to participate in the event. Seeing his dedication to this cause was truly an inspiration, and I really couldn’t do more than smile when I saw him pushing through the last few hours of the event.

The Darlings scrounged up what money we could and made a band donation to do our part, which was probably the most rewarding part of the whole experience, but that’s not to discount the whole playing live on the airwaves bit. Playing in a room with a few people watching isn’t so weird, but seeing a few and knowing that there are probably thousands of people listening is a weird feeling. Kinda hard to muster the energy that comes from a typical live show, but I think we did pretty well, after listening to the recording of the segment that we were featured in. We played one of our originals, “So Long Lover,” and then a rendition of “O Holy Night,” to keep with the spirit of the event.

In any case, I haven’t heard the final results, but before I left the CD101 studios, I heard them announce that they had raised over $31,000, which is a wonderful feat. Although we only played a tiny part in the fund raiser, I’m glad that we could do our part in the endeavour, and really witness the spirit of giving that the holiday season is all about. Click here for more information on CD101 For the Kids. While you’re there, check out CD101 and all their cool upcoming events. When a local independent radio station  goes all out for a charitable cause they way these guys have, I have no problem giving them a shameless plug, so please check them out online and tune into 101.1 fm.

UPDATE 12/21/09: Found out this morning that the Andymanathon managed to raise over $42,000 for the kids. Thanks to everyone who made a pledge and sacrificed to support this wonderful cause.

Let the Recording Begin

We started work on The Wet Darlings’ first album this weekend, working with Grammy award winning engineer Jeff Ciampa (Bill Evans, Wayne Shorter) producing, and engineer Tom Atha at Earthwork Recording Studio in Newark, OH.

Things went REALLY well; in two short days (we maybe worked 6 hours each day), we managed to capture all 9 drum tracks with multiple takes to choose from and time to spare. We tracked live to a click, and the tones we got were AWESOME. I’m really excited to see where the rest of this album goes, and I’ll surely be updating things here soon enough. Stay tuned.

Jordan DePaul Single

We just finished tracking “I’ll Be Back to You,” the first single from Jordan DePaul, of Jordan DePaul and the Reputations. I had the pleasure of getting to co-produce this single which has been released on You can check out a sample of the track here.

Emma Peterson Single

After a long wait, the first mix of Emma Peterson’s first single is up on Here’s a sample of what this supremely talented young lady is capable of.

New Single from Megan Francis

As promised, I finished the first sample track from the recent recordings I’ve been working on. Click here to hear the first taste of Megan Francis, and see what I was raving about in my last news entry.

Studio News

I’ve recently been doing a lot of studio work at the Earthwork Recording Studio, in conjunction with Breaking Band. In the last month, I’ve been privileged to work with several very talented solo artists.  Some of the sessions have been part of album projects, some have been singles, and some have been singles leading to the production of a full length album project. As progress continues with these projects, I’ll be updating the site with more news on each one.

To begin with, though, I wanted to announce that I’ll be working with Tom Atha and Jason Monro to produce two very talented young ladies’ albums. Megan Francis and Emma Peterson. Megan’s album is slated to be released in spring of ’09. Emma’s release date is still tba.

Tom, Jason, and I recently worked through singles with these amazing ladies, and it was a pleasure to say the least. We’re all super excited about collaborating with these artists on their albums, and I’m confident that when you hear their voices, you’ll feel the same way.

On top of that, I also had the chance to work with top ranked Breaking Band artist Nathan Hiltner on his upcoming album, entitled “Anyplace or Anything.” Look for his album to be released in early ’09, as well.

Finally, I had the chance to work with my good friend Tom Atha, himself, on one of his own songs, for a change. Listen for his new single “Made for You,”on Breaking Band.

Lots of exciting things on the horizon! As samples become available, I’ll try to get as many up as I can. Keep checking in!