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Let the Recording Begin

We started work on The Wet Darlings’ first album this weekend, working with Grammy award winning engineer Jeff Ciampa (Bill Evans, Wayne Shorter) producing, and engineer Tom Atha at Earthwork Recording Studio in Newark, OH.

Things went REALLY well; in two short days (we maybe worked 6 hours each day), we managed to capture all 9 drum tracks with multiple takes to choose from and time to spare. We tracked live to a click, and the tones we got were AWESOME. I’m really excited to see where the rest of this album goes, and I’ll surely be updating things here soon enough. Stay tuned.


Hiking Trip – Smoky Mountains

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I got away for a much needed vacation. We got in the car and drove down to the Smoky Mountains for some great hiking. We headed up to the Appalachian Trail on the first day and hoofed it about 8 miles up to Charlie’s Bunion. Then we drove out to Cade’s Cove on the second day for a much more relaxing hiking to Abram’s Falls. The sites were great, and being in the outdoors was really rejuvenating. The next couple of weeks are going to be insanely busy, so this kind of escape was great for us. Check out the picture album links below!

Part 1

Part 2

Dogsledding Adventure

A little bit out of the ordinary for this website and for me in general, I admit, but I figured that this was noteworthy. I recently returned from a grand adventure in northern Minnesota, with some of my best friends. In celebration of our friend Cory’s engagement, we decided to go on an adventure instead of the typical bachelor party antics. We had a great time in the Boundary Waters area over the past week. I highly recommend the Wintergreen Dogsled Lodge in Ely, if you’re ever considering a trip like this.   I’ve included links to some of the pictures on my facebook page. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3