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New Music – The Wet Darlings – Light the Room (single)

I’m proud to announce the latest single from The Wet DarlingsLight the Room.

Light the Room

Recorded at Sonic Lounge, produced by Jay Alton.

Click here to have a listen.


Drum Building Update 2.8.08

Currently Listening to: Kenny Garret – Triology
For those of you that don’t know me too well, I have a strange addiction to building drums. It seems that regardless of the number of drums that I have, I keep on building new ones to serve different purposes. It’s a great hobby, though, and I have a lot of fun in the design process and in the hands-on assembly process as well. It’s cool knowing that I can in fact create something that will have lasting value even after I’m long gone.
All that being said, I have a couple of projects in the works at the moment. They’re slow-going, despite the relative simplicity of the designs. The first is a drum that’s going to be what I would call a “utilitarian” design, intended mainly for studio use. I guess I’d call it “utilitarian” because I don’t predict that it’s going to be a very versatile drum when it’s completed, due to it’s size, 15”x6.5” (diameter x depth). Considering that a standard size is 14”x5.5” (or so), this is going to be a very deep sounding snare drum, useful for really fat meaty backbeats that I think will sound great for recordings, but may not have a wide enough tuning range to do much else (i.e. a One Trick Pony). I could be wrong, though, as it is a very nicely made maple stave shell by a company named Unix, out of Canada.
So, for now I’m still trying to nail down the exact finish and hardware I’m going to apply to the shell. Finish-wise, I’m leaning towards a Vermont Maple stain, and a high-gloss clear coat. Hardware-wise, I think I’ll be using Chrome Egonis Double-Endo lugs from Ego Drum Supply.
That’s all I have figured out so far. More updates to come.