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Alex Miller – Chin Up, Buckle Down, & Let Go

Check out this video about the creation of singer/songwriter Alex Miller’s most recent release, “Chin Up, Buckle Down, & Let Go.” I’ll be be joining Alex for an acoustic concert at The Basement in Columbus, OH on June 7th. Hope you can make it!


The Wet Darlings Release debut EP – X

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to post on here. Things have been pretty crazy as of the past few months. Most of my efforts have been focused on the release of The Wet Darlings’ first EP, “X.” The album was recorded at the Earthwork Recording Studio in Newark, OH with my good friend Tom Atha at the helm, and mixed and produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Jeff Ciampa. After having to push the release date back a couple of months due to our singer, Jenny, having surgery on her vocal chords, we’ve been hitting the press hard to promote our return to the stage, and the release of the EP.

We’ve been lucky enough to see a great response so far from the local press. With interview/reviews in both Uweekly and on in the last couple of days. Our release show was also mentioned in this month’s issued of (614) Magazine, where we had a feature article written about us back in February. Tomorrow should see the Columbus Alive hit the stands, with photos and an interview we had with Chris Deville. Hopefully a review from the Other Paper will be sitting right next to it on the stands.

Most notable is that this EP is available for FREE on our website: if you’re willing to join our mailing list! Not a bad deal, in these days of economic hardship, eh? If you feel like supporting us, the album is also available via iTunes,,, Napster, the Zune store, and

A limited edition run of hard copies will be available at our CD Release show, which is:

Saturday, June 12th
Skully’s Music Diner
1151 North High Street, Columbus, OH 43201
10pm, $6 cover charge ($9 for 18-20)

Please come out to see the show. It’s going to be one to remember for sure, with amazing local artists Happy Chichester and the Phantods opening for us. Along with the limited edition hard copies, there will also be t-shirts and buttons for sale at our merch table, and we’d love for you to leave with something to remember the show by. At the very least, DOWNLOAD X FOR FREE! I’d love to hear what you think of it! Thanks, and I hope to see you all this weekend!

The Wet Darlings CD Release at Skully's - 10pm on June 12th

Let the Recording Begin

We started work on The Wet Darlings’ first album this weekend, working with Grammy award winning engineer Jeff Ciampa (Bill Evans, Wayne Shorter) producing, and engineer Tom Atha at Earthwork Recording Studio in Newark, OH.

Things went REALLY well; in two short days (we maybe worked 6 hours each day), we managed to capture all 9 drum tracks with multiple takes to choose from and time to spare. We tracked live to a click, and the tones we got were AWESOME. I’m really excited to see where the rest of this album goes, and I’ll surely be updating things here soon enough. Stay tuned.

Jordan DePaul Single

We just finished tracking “I’ll Be Back to You,” the first single from Jordan DePaul, of Jordan DePaul and the Reputations. I had the pleasure of getting to co-produce this single which has been released on You can check out a sample of the track here.

Emma Peterson Single

After a long wait, the first mix of Emma Peterson’s first single is up on Here’s a sample of what this supremely talented young lady is capable of.

New Single from Megan Francis

As promised, I finished the first sample track from the recent recordings I’ve been working on. Click here to hear the first taste of Megan Francis, and see what I was raving about in my last news entry.

Studio News

I’ve recently been doing a lot of studio work at the Earthwork Recording Studio, in conjunction with Breaking Band. In the last month, I’ve been privileged to work with several very talented solo artists.  Some of the sessions have been part of album projects, some have been singles, and some have been singles leading to the production of a full length album project. As progress continues with these projects, I’ll be updating the site with more news on each one.

To begin with, though, I wanted to announce that I’ll be working with Tom Atha and Jason Monro to produce two very talented young ladies’ albums. Megan Francis and Emma Peterson. Megan’s album is slated to be released in spring of ’09. Emma’s release date is still tba.

Tom, Jason, and I recently worked through singles with these amazing ladies, and it was a pleasure to say the least. We’re all super excited about collaborating with these artists on their albums, and I’m confident that when you hear their voices, you’ll feel the same way.

On top of that, I also had the chance to work with top ranked Breaking Band artist Nathan Hiltner on his upcoming album, entitled “Anyplace or Anything.” Look for his album to be released in early ’09, as well.

Finally, I had the chance to work with my good friend Tom Atha, himself, on one of his own songs, for a change. Listen for his new single “Made for You,”on Breaking Band.

Lots of exciting things on the horizon! As samples become available, I’ll try to get as many up as I can. Keep checking in!